Work Packages

The ExPaNDS project plan is designed around six work packages, as outlined below.

WP1: Management and Sustainability

Will implement the project’s governance and management structure, undertaking overall project administration to ensure successful achievement of the project’s objectives. It will address sustainability of the EOSC provided services

Key contact: Sophie Servan or Juliane Marauska, DESY

WP2: Enabling FAIR data for PaN national RIs

Will extend and deepen the adoption and use of FAIR data principles within the Photon and Neutron community to allow publication and access of national RI data and services within the EOSC.

Key contact: Brian Matthews, STFC

WP3: EOSC data catalogue services for PaN national RIs

Will deliver EOSC data catalogue services for RIs to provide access as a one-stop-shop for scientific facility users, academics and the general public to find and exploit research data.

Key contact: Alun Ashton, PSI

WP4: EOSC data analysis services for PaN national RIs

Will provide the coordination, adaption, and alignment of existing data analysis services at national RIs within the EOSC. The services delivered will provide users, academics and the public with the ability to run analysis workflows against the EOSC-aligned data services.

Key contact: Anton Barty, DESY

WP5: Training activities through EOSC platforms

Will organise workshops and deliver training materials through the e-learning platforms made available on the EOSC. Training will be organised in cooperation with EOSC related activities.

Training will address:

  • Service provision
  • User training in FAIR principles
  • Data stewardship
  • Data management
  • Data analysis services integrated into the EOSC

The training will foster faster adoption of best practices by an enlarged number of scientific users.

Key contact: Ana Valcarcel-Orti, SOLEIL

WP6 : Dissemination and Outreach

Will support and promote the ExPaNDS initiative in Europe and beyond and promote Open Data and FAIR data principles to users and other RIs around the world.

Key contact: Isabelle Boscaro-Clarke, Diamond Light Source