PaN Training

One of the goals of ExPaNDS is to train research scientists in order to better understand the issues, methods and available computational Research Infrastructures (RIs) to address critical research questions.

Our training catalogue, provides a one-stop shop for trainers and trainees to discover online information and content, including training materials, events and interactive tutorials. The catalogue provides opportunities to promote training events and news, and to contribute to a growing catalogue of materials; for trainers, the portal offers an environment to allow the sharing of materials and event information; for trainees, it offers a convenient gateway via which to identify relevant training events, resources and to perform specific, guided analysis tasks via customised training workflows to provide FAIR research.

Materials in our training catalogue can be accessed at any time. These may be in a variety of different formats, including online tutorials, videos, presentations, and more. An essential feature in our training catalogue are graphical training tools or Training Workflows.

To add materials you can create an account and follow the guidelines in the dedicated workflow:

For enquiries, information, or assistance; contact our support desk at 

Our associated e-learning platform hosts free education and training for scientists and students with an integration of Jupyter notebooks.

This e-learning Moodle platform was developed in the PaNOSC (Photon and Neutron Open Science Cloud) project and is available at:

If you would like to create a course in the e-learning Moodle platform please email