One Minute User Videos

The ambition our H2020 ExPaNDS project is to enrich the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) with data management services and to coordinate activities to enable national Photon and Neutron Research Infrastructures (PaN RIs) to make the majority of their data ‘open’ following the FAIR principles.

The aim of work package 6 (WP6) responsible for the dissemination and outreach is to support and promote the ExPaNDS initiative in Europe and far beyond. We have created a number of ‘one-minute’ short interviews which present the benefits of the grant from different perspectives, highlighting the importance of #opendataforopenscience.

We have covered several science areas such as heritage, battery and tomography for environmental applications, which all generate a vast amount of data at large Photon and Neutron Facilities. We also looked at how the ExPaNDS’ objectives of open data can assist with pandemic preparedness, AI drug discovery and not least looking at sustainability moving forward and the potential for economic growth with an example of how an industry service could be drawn from the findings.

In the frame of ExPaNDS’ strategy of engagement, this video series is targeted at our stakeholders.

Heritage Science

Featuring Professor Eleanor Schofield – Deputy CEO at the Mary Rose Trust


Featuring Dr Roberto Volpe – Senior Lecturer at Queen Mary University of London

Data for the Future

Featuring Professor Dr Volker Guelzow – Head of IT at DESY

Pandemic Preparedness

Featuring Dr Annette von Delft – Translational Scientist at University of Oxford – Oxford Biomedical Research Centre
and Dr Ed Griffen – Technical Director at MedChemica Ltd


Featuring Dr Kamel Madi – Chief Executive at 3dmagniation

Connecting Data

Featuring Professor Kristina Edstrrom – Battery 2030+ project

AI Drug Discovery

Featuring Dr Alpha Lee – Chief Scientific Officer PostEra
and Dr Ben Perry – Discovery Open Innovation Leader at DNDi