Software development engineer for scientific data management at SOLEIL

This position is open in the frame of the European project ExPaNDS, in which SOLEIL is actively involved. Funded for a period of 3 years from 01/09/2019 to 31/08/2022, it aims to promote open science and to federate within the framework of EOSC the services provided by the national Neutron and Synchrotron infrastructures: data catalogue, remote data analysis services. Indeed, their production of scientific data evolves significantly both in complexity and in volume, implying a substantial change in the management and processing of data.

Your main function will be to ensure the technical implementation of the solutions adopted by the ExPaNDS project for the publication of experimental data according to FAIR principles, and the analysis of these data remotely in line with the constraints specific to the environment of SOLEIL.

You will work on the SOLEIL site, in close collaboration with software and database engineers from SOLEIL and other installations involved in the ExPaNDS project. You will interact with beamline scientists and end users to assess and address their data analysis needs. In particular, you will benefit from the achievements of the European PaNOSC project and the JRA2 activity of the European CalipsoPlus project.

Responsibilities and tasks:

During the European ExPaNDS project:

  • You will participate in the selection and implementation of software tools to integrate data management plans related to research projects carried out on site into information systems.
  • You will participate in the selection and implementation of software tools providing to external users access to experiment data catalogs.
  • You will participate in the selection and implementation of solutions adopted in the project for the launch and execution of applications / Workflows for processing scientific data remotely.
  • You will develop the software adaptations necessary for the deployment of these solutions on local infrastructures at SOLEIL and their connection to remote EOSC platforms.
  • You will provide the elements (documentation and other supports such as tutorials) necessary for the training of maintenance personnel for these solutions as well as that of their users.
  • You will collaborate with the EXPANDS partners, and contribute to project progress meetings or meetings specific to project tasks, which will be held by videoconference or face-to-face in one of the facilities involved.
  • You will regularly report internally and externally on the progress of activities, and may be required to present your work at conferences or other related external meetings. 

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