We are pleased to share with you the grant deliverables throughout the lifecycle of our project.

These can all be found in our ExPaNDS Zenondo Community.

D1.1 Data Management Plan

D6.18 Infographic of metrics and KPI linked to Wp2, 3 and 4

D1.06 General Architecture in relation to the EOSC services

D1.07 Sustainability policy report

D6.17 Standard Information sheet on ExPaNDS and the benefits of Open Data for RI users

D2.1 Draft extended data policy framework for Photon and Neutron RIs

D3.1 Report on status, gap analysis and roadmap towards harmonised and federated metadata catalogues for EU national Photon and Neutron RIs

D2.2 Draft recommendations for FAIR Photon and Neutron Data Management

D6.04 Vision and Roadmap